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On the 28th and 29th of October, the city’s finest food venues are going into battle…

For the first time ever, Manchester will host their very own Battle of the Brunch! Food and lifestyle bloggers, celebrity judges, and YOU, the public, will decide who deserves the title of “Best Brunch in Manchester”.


Look out for our celebrity judges over the weekend; they’ll be there to sample this great British brunch off!

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Where to brunch


Check out some of our brunch battle venues here. There’s some well-established institutions, as well as quite a few new players in town. Keep an eye out for more venues being added daily...

Bookings are now open!



Are you ready?

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We’re inviting some of the city’s finest foodies, alongside radio and TV personalities to help us crown one lucky venue ‘Best Brunch in Manchester’. We’re not good at keeping them secret, so here’s a few familiar faces that you’ll be hopefully lucky enough to brunch with them over the weekend!
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win prizes

Did we mention we’re throwing lots of cash your way! That’ll make your brunch taste that little bit nicer! Get posting your brunch pics with the #BrunchMCR on the 28th and 29th October because we’re giving away £100 each for the best 5 posts across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


All winners, including best brunch venue will be announced on our website and social feeds, so give us a lot of love here!

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Avocado WILL get smashed at the 'Battle of the Brunch'

I think it's safe to say that Brunch is now a 'thing' and boozy brunches are getting more and more popular with the people of Manchester pretty much every weekend.

Where's the best brunch in Manchester? Let battle commence...

The city's top brunch venues are fighting for the right to be called the best - as they compete in Manchester's first 'Battle of the Brunch'. On October 28 and 29, a celebrity judging panel will be heading out across the city centre to sample some of the most popular brunch menus and decide who should be crowned 'Manchester's Best Brunch' venue.

Battle of the Brunch: Manchester's biggest egg and smashed avo fight is on its way | I Love Manchester (MCR)

According to a local social media agency which monitors global trends and conversations, top of the trending topics most weekends amongst Manchester's city dwellers is where to go for a boozy brunch. The question has gone from, "where are we going for breakfast?" to "where are we going for brunch?"

CURRY BRUNCH is now a thing in Manchester

Unless you've had your head sandwiched in a muffin for the last two years, you'll have noticed brunch has taken off in a big way in Manchester. Now Zouk Tea Bar and Grill is spicing up the city's brunch offering with an Indian-inspired take on the trend.

Zouk brings Indian to the breakfast table with new weekend Nashta menu: Review

A curry for supper is a beloved bit of British life, and the nashta at Zouk proves there's room for Indian at the breakfast table too! New for the weekends, local Indian mainstay Zouk has introduced a new menu of "nashta" - but you can just call it Indian Brunch.

Battle of the Brunch is Heading to Manchester

A host of top MCR restaurants and cafes are competing to win the inaugural 'Battle of the Brunch' On the 28th and 29th of October, some of Manchester's Best Brunch Spots will be competing in the Battle of the Brunch.

There's An Epic Brunch Battle Landing in Manchester

Most important meal of the day Breakfast is good, and lunch is fine - but BRUNCH is the meal that truly owns our hearts. And stomachs. So frigging YES to the Battle of the Brunch, set to land on October 28 and 29.

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